intro to fitness programming level 1 course

learn how to write workout programs

“The proper education in functional fitness motivates the correct scripting of a workout program. That scripted program, when added with the sciences of mobility and strength, as well as cardiovascular mechanics, creates a strategic and distinct exercise platform”

-Tito Nunez, PREME fitness founder

Certification Courses

PREME functional fitness and programming level 1 Coaching Certification allows you to create fitness programming units - use them how you see fit. No copy and paste workouts.

Key strategies to our platform

We put these four key strategies together to create a workout that will push clients to a level of success in any environment on any level that they want to obtain .

Functionality of mobility mechanics

Strength training

Athletic dynamics

Cardiovascular health

We focus on the building and growth aspect of fitness, getting better day by day. We focus on teaching you how to never repeat a workout platform. We focus on functional fitness, mobility, cardiovascular health, and the science of writing a workout that covers every aspect of fitness in a safe environment.

The trainer is in control of the workout program first. The workout is what people want, not just a singular coach or movement. Once these skills are obtained, the sky’s the limit on the amount of personal training you can achieve. Your clientele should be paying for a workout, that’s indispensable and leave the programmer (trainer) as a priority.

real world certification for today’s fitness industry

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