PREME Fitness was founded on the base concept formula of TRAIN SMARTER. We use key formulas to help us educate our selves and the individual to aid in this process. We focus on proprietary scripted training programs that help in fitness goals. This TRAIN SMARTER formulas include:

Overall health (functionality of lifting, pushing, pulling, squatting, running, jumping, mobility, recovery and cardiovascular health)

  • Strength based training (SBT)
  • Velocity based training (VBT)
  • Percentage based training (PBT),

We use this  base asset to educate individuals and configure training sessions to aid in their overall fitness health. Small group or a personal environments that create a inter and intra goal oriented fitness session within our community.

Training at PREME fitness starts with a overall fitness assessment of each individual. We find the strengths and weaknesses of a client by a proprietary TRAIN SMARTER functional fitness assessment test that will show our coaches exactly what we need to do. Once the assessment is completed we show you and work with each individual to personally help in their overall fitness and health.

Working the right way helps in Strength, weight loss, speed, power, explosiveness , mobility, range of motion. its what we live by and what we do. TRAIN SMARTER


Owner and Founder of PREME Fitness and TRAIN SMARTER assessment and certification program.

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