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The Definition of health

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Definition of health

Here’s the unfortunate truth about modern day gyms and fitness programs, they feed off of the unrealistic standards we hold ourselves to and market their facility/program in a way that convinces you that you can meet those standards.

The first issue with this is although they may be what societies definition of health is, these standards are by no means healthy. Fitness and overall health is not one size fits all. I truly can’t express this enough. We all have different body types, we are different ages, we lead different lifestyles and all of these aspects tie into your personal health. What is a healthy and sustainable lifestyle for you may be wildly different for somebody else.

The second issue, is that these organizations are preaching that they can transform you into this shredded crazy body that they show on their models and clients. The reality is most of these models and clients they use are anywhere from 18-25 years old.

Society puts so much pressure on us to fit this certain standard and these gyms and programs actually can cause a lot of stress considering they market off common insecurities. This makes them inconsistent and unsustainable for long term health and may leave you right back at square one.

This is exactly what I’m trying to avoid. To me, fitness and health is a lifestyle. To me, being fit and healthy means working out because it makes me feel strong and powerful. It means eating foods that make me feel like my best self, that make me feel good and energized. Usually those foods are pretty healthy but if I want something that would be considered a “bad food” I’m going to eat it because one meal or one treat will not disrupt any progress you have made in the same way that going to the gym once will not make you fit.

What I am looking to do is more than just train you. I want to help you build a sustainable healthy lifestyle where you feel like your best, most confident, happiest self. I want to take the pressure off the idea of fitness and health because it should not be a stressful thing. Once you find what works for you, you will fall in love with putting clean, yummy, nutritious food in your body because you will love the way you feel, if you maintain a sustainable diet. The same goes for fitness. Once you find a schedule and program that works for you, working out will no longer feel like a chore, instead, it’ll be your favorite part of the day.

My goal as a fitness professional and our goal at PREME FITNESS is to help you achieve any goals you may have whether it be to bulk up, lean out, or just get active, in a way that works for you. Here at PREME FITNESS, we’re a team. We’re about building lifestyles that help you to be the best and happiest person you can be, not just “get skinny by summer!” No matter what the goal is I’ll get you there, and you’ll enjoy it too!