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Fitfluencers-Where’s my 6 pack?

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Today with the rise of “fitfluencers” on social media, there is a cross pattern thought process that “what I am  showing you is what I did to look like this”.  Then you see “JOIN NOW” for $19.99 a month.   This misconception of  “what I show you is what you need to do to look like me” is the major focus of ” fitfluencers”. They’re in it for the one click dollar.

Now i don’t want to come across as the person that does not believe you can look fit and healthy and have that perfect 6 pack or butt. I do not want to come across as a “FITNESS HATER” either. You can have that 6 pack or perfect butt. I know you can. I  know you can achieve anything with hard work and the right process. The “FITFUENCER” process is not it. Here is  how I  know.

The body’s you see on social media usually are a by product of very hard work, proper nutrition and shall I say it…AGE.  That amazing  6 pack  you see on instagram usually come from clean eating. That perfect waist you want and see on someones profile is probably because the person is  19 years old. These fluencers wont tell you that. they just tell you you can look like this for a subscription of $19.99 a month.. BUY NOW.

Take a second and think. If it was that easy there wouldn’t be any obese people in the world. Everyone would be the best version of what they want to look like. Could you imagine if we all could do a couple of “donkey kicks’ and strap a band around our knees and jump up and down and we wold form the perfect 6 pack or butt. The world would be a better place! Im sorry to say it doesnt work.

What works is Fitness. Fitness is a change of mind. Fitness is a change of the body. Fitness is overall health, working hard day in a day out. You have to do the hard work day in and day out to live a healthier life. Then and only then will your body achieve a better set of abs, toner legs or that butt that you want.

The body is filled with freckles, pimple a little sag, a little fat. its not perfect. Unfortunately we don’t have a “filter’ for the natural eye. The only thing we have is the use of proper fitness training and healthy eating.

The healthy eating is up to you. The proper fitness is deployed by  a mix of strength training, cardio and stretching exercises. Study’s show that the regular exercise and physical activity promotes strong muscles and bones, cardiovascular health, improves respiratory health and fights the onset of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and reduces risk of some cancers.

Proper fitness training involves weight training and strength. Weight training aids in mental health, improved posture, shown signs of better sleep, increased bone density, maintaining weight loss, boosting metabolism, lowering inflammation and fighting of much of chronic disease.

Proper Strength training is what we do at PREME fitness. We focus on Programming strength, cardio and metabolic conditioning in each workout. Its not about what it looks like on social media, it’s about how you feel! how you walk! how you eat! how play with your children. healthy and happy!


Weight training is scary and we have to start some where. but start the right way and the benefits are life changing. and your life is more about how you feel than how you look on social media. Let us help you become fit the right way and not with a filter.