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"We Start! We don't sit on the bench"

Strength training

We specialize in Olympic lifting, mobility exercises, athletics, and cardio workouts. Including deadlifts, back squats, bench press, dumbbells, barbells, running, and jumping. Learn the basics in a safe and well-coached environment.


barbell & olympic lifting


cardio / met-con

Our team at Preme Fitness is trained specifically to program workouts to fit your everyday fitness goals.  

Workout of the day

W.O.D. 9-28-23

AMRAP 15 mins: Double Kettlebell Hang Power Cleans, Double Unders, and Double Kettlebell Swings Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 mins of: 5/5 Double Kettlebell Hang Power Cleans, 106/70 lbs 25/25 Double Unders 10/10 Double Kettlebell Swings, 106/70 lbs

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FT: Power Snatches and Hand Release Burpees For time: 1 Power Snatch, 85/65 lbs 10 Hand Release Burpees 2 Power Snatches, 85/65 lbs 9 Hand Release Burpees 3 Power Snatches, 85/65 lbs 8 Hand Release Burpees 4 Power Snatches, 85/65 lbs 7 Hand Release Burpees 5 Power Snatches, 85/65 lbs...

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WOD 4-21-23

STRENGTH: Every 1 min for 10 mins: Deadlift 3 Deadlifts, 60% 1RM Every 1 min for 10 mins.   FT: Ball Slams and Ring Dips From Muscle Up Stations For time: 9 Ball Slams, 50/40 lbs Ring Dips From Muscle Up Station, lbs 15 Ball Slams, 50/40 lbs Ring Dips...

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