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“The proper education in functional fitness motivates the correct scripting of a workout program. That scripted program, when added with the sciences of mobility and strength, as well as cardiovascular mechanics, creates a strategic and distinct exercise platform”
- Tito Nunez, PREME fitness founder

Strength training

We specialize in Olympic lifting, mobility exercises, athletics, and cardio workouts Deadlifts, back squats, bench press, dumbbells, weights, running, and jumping. We do it all. Under a safe and well-coached environment. Learn the basics and achieve the best.

mobility / strength

weight training

range of motion training

cardio / met-con

Our team at preme fitness is trained specifically to program workouts to fit your everyday fitness goals. We specialize in functional fitness. Workouts that work. Lift squat push pull run jump. We work with each individual to find your fitness need and goal. We help guide you to the best fitness experience you can have. We specialize in small group workouts to challenge each individual to be their best . We take the science of functional fitness, mobility mechanics , athletic dynamics and cardiovascular health and combines them into a workout program that works ! No games no gimmicks no parties no bull


state of the art facility

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